“Anamesa” Festival - 23 to 25 April, Budapest, Hungary

In partnership with the Lycée Français Gustave Eiffel, the 2014 edition of the “Anamesa” Festival “ will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from 23 to 25 April 2014.

“ANAMESA” (“Between us” in Greek) is a Festival of Art where young European talent, artists (including handicapped artists), from school, associative and professional milieux, can meet up and exchange.

The principal objective of these common creations is to drop prejudices and to generate a new look on the acceptation of self and others by creating a “between us” work.

Further information on line : : www.festivalanamesa.com


Urban Parade: Zinneke Parade - 10 May 2014, Brussels

The 8th edition of the Zinneke Parade, on the theme of  “Temptation”, will take place on 10 May 2014 in Brussels

The prevailing idea is to set up, every two years, an artistic and social dynamic between inhabitants, associations, schools and artists from the different  neighbourhoods of Brussels and elsewhere.

A real multidisciplinary project, the Zinneke seeks to create spaces for meetings between people who would never otherwise meet up in daily life. A playful, creative and mixed race event, it defines the symbol of the cultural diversity and cosmopolitanism of Brussels

Further information : : www.zinneke.org
Contact Zinneke : : Tél. +32 2 214 20 07 – info@zinneke.org


Urban Voyage “Travellings”, 7 to 11 May 2014, Marseille

Public Spaces, a member of the European network IN SITU,  presents “Travellings” , an urban voyage in the neighbourhoods of Marseille from 7 to 11 May next.
presents a series of European spectacles (Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Switzerland) in the form of “looking in movement” at the town, a new way of surveying the town and discovering urban landscape.
The diversity of points of views on the town, suggested by the artists, testifies to the plurality of interpretations of the notion of artistic voyages in the town, just like the vitality of the European artistic scene investing the public space.

Download the Press Pack
Further information online : : www.lieuxpublics.com
Contact Lieux Publics : : Tél. +33 4 91 03 81 28 - insitu@lieuxpublics.com


Itinerant Festival: Caravan of Diversity - 19 March to 18 May, Belgium.

In order to commemorate 50 years of Moroccan and Turkish immigration into Belgium, the Nouveaux Disparus Company are organizing, in partnership with numerous local partners, the Itinerant Festival “The Caravan of Diversity” from 19 March to 18 May 2014, in French-speaking Belgium.

The Caravan of Diversity is a hybrid and mobile initiative, composed of circus tents, Berber tents, and caravans that welcome an ensemble of sociocultural manifestations. Meeting up with inhabitants, this caravan tells the story of immigration.

The programme includes: theatre, dance, concerts, film shows, workshop presentations, debates, and citizens’ cafés.....The Caravan will also include a very colourful associative souk.

The programme on-line
Further information on-line : : www.lesnouveauxdisparus.com
Contact Les Nouveaux Disparus Company : : Tél : +32 (0)2 219 11 98 - reservation@lesnouveauxdisparus.com


Berlin Neighbourhood Walks - 5 June 2014, Berlin, Germany

The cities of Migration association is organizing a Conference entitled “Migration, Diversity, Inclusion: An Agenda for Shared Prosperity” from 4 to 6 June 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

During this event, local councillors, practicians, experts, militants and artists will get together to debate on the question of multiculturality.

On 5 June next, a field visit in Berlin (Berlin Neighbourhood Walks) will be proposed to participants so they may discover the wealth of projects set up in five neighbourhoods in the capital (including Pankow, Görlitzer Park, Kreuzeberg and Neuköln).

Enrolment is online before 30 March 2014 (number of places limited).

Further information online : : 2014conference.citiesofmigration.ca
Contact Cities of Migration : : citiesofmigration2014@maytree.com